Why I Joined

After 10 years of being in Rotary I thought for a moment “Why did I join Rotary?” and “Why do I  remain?”

The reasons for joining Rotary are many.  For me there were about 4 reasons I joined.  In no particular order they were:

  • Networking.  A room full of business leaders was an exciting opportunity for my young career and my young self.
  • Fun.  Social events,  travel, weekly meetings with interesting speakers is just good, clean fun.
  • Giving back to the community.  It’s an honour to work with men and woman also interested in making their community in their home town; and around the world – a better place.  It’s also infectious.
  • Enhancing leadership skills.  Working with business leaders on projects, working with fellow Rotarians on large and small projects is an education in itself.

That’s why I joined, and that’s why I stay in Rotary.

While pondering the past decade I am reminded of a fellow Rotarian I met in Australia while on a Rotary Friendship Exchange.  His business was consulting for vineyards.  He was obviously a very successful and accomplished man. While overlooking one of the vineyards he developed he told me his reason for staying in Rotary.  It was simple.  “After all these years in Rotary I have come to realize that at this stage of life – I need Rotary more than Rotary needs me”.  I have since repeated a similar phrase as well, “I don’t think I could ever give back to Rotary what it has given me.  But I am going to try”.