RFE tips

Further fun ideas for items to take:

Canadian pins (from your local Member of Parliament) are fun to hand out as well as maps of Canada and your province (free if you belong to AMA). Shop for Canadian souvenirs, flags, etc. after our Canada Day celebrations when these items are clearance priced. Depending on the destination small items are fun give aways for kids.

Many clubs budget for RFE to help make the visit memorable.  If your club budgets say $500 it could defray costs,  hire local entertainment all Rotarians could enjoy in your community, etc.  Plan an event to honour the incoming guests,  invite the whole club(s) in your area.  Make it an event.

Rotarians love to swap Rotary banners. Make sure you take some.

Rotary business cards are highly recommended.

Gifts go a long way to not only hosts but others who contribute to the RFE.  Take extras along with thank you cards.

Getting monies from an ATM may sound easy but sometimes it’s slow, painful and hard to find.   Be prepared to take some money with you if possible.  Its not much fun wasting half a day trying to find an ATM that works for you – if you need cash.