When it comes to membership in a Rotary Club no membership is identical. It is because membership is what you make it to be and the club you join. Every club in the world is different and unique. That is why Rotarians love to visit other clubs and see how they “do” Rotary. The important thing is that you derive satisfaction from the work you do, that you feel supported by the club you belong to, you learn leadership skills along the way and most importantly you feel a connection to the members of your club and the community you serve.

Many people have heard that Rotary requires you to come to a meeting every week. That is not the case. People hear that Rotary is an old white guys club, it is not. Each club evolves in it’s own way. Right now in the Greater Seattle area we have clubs that have babysitters so their members can bring their children to meetings. We have a club that is only going to have 2 meetings a month and the other two “meetings” will be service projects. And just because the club is meeting it does not mean you have to be there for every meeting. You can makeup at our E-Club or visit the largest Rotary Club in the world, Seattle 4, who has a Young Rotarian Leaders group that is creating amazing events and opportunities for members to meet Seattle leaders to learn from their successes. Our clubs meeting in the mornings, lunch, dinner or pre dinner, so even if you have a hectic life there will be a Rotary club for you.